An open letter to Representative Michael Capuano (D – MA)


Dear Representative Capuano,

I was deeply disturbed to learn of the new bill in the House, “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act.”  It is no surprise, but frightening nonetheless, that the new Republican majority would ignore the real problems facing our country and use their power to focus on policies that can only be described as designed to oppress the women of this country.  Their hostility towards anyone who does not adhere to their patriarchal vision of gender, family, and sexuality is no secret, but the ongoing campaign to impose this worldview by force on the people of this county and this planet is unacceptable.  I must confess I place little faith in most members of your parties, but at times like these I feel a measure of comfort knowing that the elected official of my district has a strong voting record of defending the sovereignty of women over their own bodies against government assault.  I hope you will lead the fight to defeat this outrageous attack on our liberty.

[In the Rainy Season]

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