Matt Kish was kind enough to mention this blog in response to my post about his project.  One thing I would like to clarify from my piece: while Kish has begun illustrating ‘The Chase,’ the art that is being posted to his blog is from several chapters earlier.  This is actually great for you, the new reader, as you now have more time to get caught up (with the novel and the blog).

If you read the post linked above, you’ll notice that Kish links to a different site than the Tumblr one (http://intherainyseason.tumblr.com/).  Shane at BostonBiker was kind enough to help me set up a BostonBiker version of this blog (http://intherainyseason.bostonbiker.org/).  Everything posted here will eventually make its way over there.  To you BostonBiker readers, I swear some of the posts will be about bikes. 

Finally, while we’re on the subject of the numerous locations where one may find me on teh intertubes, I joined Twitter.  Ugh.  @bringmerain.

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